23rd April 2018
Emral Hall

Emral Hall Lodge

Emral Hall

One of three Lodges to Emral Hall (demolished 1936); one of the other lodges has been demolished and the third altered. Possible C18 origins but the dominant character is C19. Said to have initially been [more]

Powys (1063-1160)


After Earl Harold had ravaged Gwynedd in 1063, this created a power vacuum that allowed Powys to extend its influence north over the next 100 years. The rulers of the ‘House of Mathrafal’ took their [more]

Bettisfield Windmill and Steam Mill


Just 200 metres from the Shropshire border, stood the ruins of Bettisfield Windmill shrouded in ivy. The Windmill became redundant when the new mill was built nearby. It has since been converted. Bettisfield Windmill. The [more]

Luftwaffe bombs mountain decoy


Europe was at war and bombing raids by the Luftwaffe were frequent. In the early hours of August 30, 1940, German bombers were heading for Liverpool and dockland sites on the River Mersey. In an [more]


Penley Hall

Penley Hall


Penley Hall. A smallish Georgian mansion set in gardens and shrubberies with walled kitchen garden extending to 2.75 acres, along with a .337 acre pool. The hall itself contained: ground floor – large entrance hall [more]

Penley People – John Pijski Memories


John Pijski was born in Stanisław Górny, not far from Wadowice. He fought with gen. Anders’ Polish 2nd Corps (2nd. Warsaw Armoured Division) alongside the British 8th Army in Italy. Later he served in Germany [more]

Althrey Hall, Bangor On Dee

Bangor On Dee

Althrey Hall, Bangor On Dee. A stunning Grade II* listed Tudor Manor house believed to date back, originally to 1499 and believed to be one of the last surviving Aisle Trussed Halls of Wales, which [more]

The Borders in Ancient Times


In ancient time, the rivers Severn and Dee separated Wales from England; but as a protection in the perpetual border frays, Offa, King of Mercia, made a dyke, which was probably in his time the [more]

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Bryn Y Pys

Milk Horse That Won the National

The 1919 Grand National was the 78th renewal of the world-famous Grand National horse race that took place at Aintree Racecourse on 28 March 1919. It was the first true Aintree Grand National since 1915, [more]


Middle Saxon (656 – 865)

In the second half of the 7th Century Mercia was subject to Northumbria. Mercia was originally a pagan country, converting to Christianity in 656. Saint Chad moved the Bishopric to Lichfield in 669. It is [more]


The Impact of the Railways

The country had enjoyed an economic boom during the years of the Napoleonic war, but slipped into an economic depression after the war finished in 1815. There was frequently a short working week in the [more]