Doomsday (1066 – 1086)

Following the invasion by the Normans in 1066, Cheshire had remained under the control of Saxon Earl Edwin. However, in 1069 he took part in the rebellion of the north, laying siege to the King’s [more]


Late Saxon (918 – 1066)

There is no agreed definition of early, middle and late Saxon. For this summary, we will treat late Saxon as starting with the death of Aethelflaed in 918. Her brother, King Edward, came to Chester [more]


Middle Saxon (656 – 865)

In the second half of the 7th Century Mercia was subject to Northumbria. Mercia was originally a pagan country, converting to Christianity in 656. Saint Chad moved the Bishopric to Lichfield in 669. It is [more]


Early Saxon (410 – 655)

The period following the Roman exodus is thought to be one of relative prosperity, as the tax revenues were no longer being paid to Rome and remained in the local economy. However, with a lack [more]